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dentifrice n : a substance for cleaning the teeth; applied with a toothbrush

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  1. toothpaste or any other substance, such as powder, for cleaning the teeth



  • IPA: /dɑ̃.ti.fʁis/
  • SAMPA: /dA~.ti.fRis/


fr-noun f

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A Dentifrice is a paste, liquid or powder used to help maintain good oral hygiene. There have been many dentifrices produced over the years, many focusing on clever marketing strategies to sell products, such as offering whitening capabilities. The most essential dentifrice recommended by dentists is toothpaste which is used in conjunction with a toothbrush to help remove food debris and dental plaque.

Types of Dentifrices


Main article: toothpaste
Toothpaste is a dentifrice used in conjunction with a toothbrush to help maintain oral hygiene. The essential components are an abrasive, binder, surfactant and humectant. Other ingredients are also used. The scientific and dental community also recommend a fluoride containing toothpaste. The main purpose of the paste is to help remove debris and plaque with some marketed to serve accessory functions such as breath freshening and whitening.


Main article: mouthwash
Mouthwashes come in a variety of compositions many claiming to kill bacteria that make up plaque or to freshen breath. In their basic form, they are usually recommended to be used after brushing but some manufacturers recommend pre brush rinsing. Dental research has recommended that mouthwash should be used as an aid to brushing rather than a replacement, because the sticky resistant nature of plaque prevents it from being actively removed by chemicals alone, and physical detachment of the sticky proteins is required.
Scientific evidence suggests three main types of mouth wash. 1) Plaque inhibiting- this prevents dental disease 2) Antigingivitis- this prevents 'gum' disease 3) Flouride- designed to strengthen enamel, preventing cavities or repairing existing ones to some degree

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abstergent, cathartic, cleaner, cleaning agent, cleaning solvent, cleanser, cleansing cream, cold cream, cream, depurant, detergent, diuretic, emetic, enema, gargle, holystone, lotion, mouthwash, nauseant, pumice stone, purgative, purge, purifier, rinse, shampoo, soap, solvent, synthetic detergent, tooth powder, toothpaste, wash
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